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This is our proposal for a B&B in the Langhe, a unique and exceptional region in San Bovo di Castino, a hamlet not far from Alba (CN) and the delightful village of the writer Beppe Fenoglio. We are able to provide finely renovated rooms in the Bed & Breakfast fashion, each with a double bed, bathroom and Wi-Fi connection.

Ca’ Pavaglione is situated in a quiet area, surrounded by the flourishing greenery of the Langhe, where one can easily reach and explore the wonderful territory of Alba and Langhe. Available for all customers is a shared minibar containing water, fruit-juices, yogurt, sweets and biscuits. Furthermore, we also offer a reservation service for restaurants.

For immediate availability phone 335-5929263




The hamlet of San Bovo is an engaging rural environment intended for those who are keen on green and dynamic tourism in the Alta Langa. The richness of a natural landscape which thrived outside the box of sedentary tourism evokes the pursuit of the absolute beauty of this unique environment which is the result of an everlasting interaction between Man and Nature and is lush of meaningful paths linked to the literary work of Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese.

We aim to deliver emotional Trekking services related to the culture and territory of the Alta Langa. The B&B grants a convenient parking space for bicycles.
Small-sized pets are welcome.


Via Trezzo Tinella,19, 12050 San Bovo di Castino CN

+39 3355929263