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audemars piguet replica watches Recital 9, Miss Alexandra Tourbillon - A Tourbillon with a Week’s Worth of Reserve Paired With a Realistic Glowing Mon Phase

Recital 9 Tourbillon miss Alexandra is the latest piece in the Dimier women’s collection from audemars piguet replica watches 1822. It follows Recital 0 which was the first watch in the series to feature the tourbillon complication. The Swiss watchmaker created a more complicated timekeeper after the model's success. The hand-wound movement is constructed between two three-quarter plates. It successfully integrates larger components. The tourbillon cage,Patek Philippe Replica Watches and its bridges, are the most notable because they look extremely attractive. Recital 9 watches combines the caliber of this structure with a precise, realistic moon phase indication. The watch's extended power reserve, which lasts for a whole day, is a distinctive characteristic of the watchmaker. It is also the first watch in the entire brand's collection to feature an oval-shaped case.

The Dimier 1738 Manufacture Collection- Recital Limited EditionsThe Recital 9 watch is part of the Dimier series, which includes exclusive units that were made in limited series at the company's workshops.Breitling Chronomat Replica The brand's manufacturing facilities were the inspiration for the entire collection. Pascal Raffy, the current head of the company, had purchased audemars piguet replica watches in the beginning of the millennium and decided to improve the production facilities to be able produce timepieces that are quality controlled at all stages. The brand bought SST group, a company that was known for producing intricate movements. It was renamed Dimier 1738 Manufacture Artisanale de Cadrans et de Sertissages.

Like all watches from Dimier since 2009, the Miss Alexandra Tourbillon part is located between two three-quarter plates. This construction allows for a lot more space for the tourbillon cage,replica audemars piguet watches which is enlarged just like the balance. This layout provides greater precision and visual appeal. This watch also comes with a 1-week power reserve, as was the case for previous pieces (e.g. the piece that was featured in the Last Edition of the Only Watch Auction). A separate display indicates this.

Mystery Heart Shaped hands The carriage of the tourbillon is 13.5mm in width and weighs 0.49g (0.49g). As a second indication, a tourbillon that completes a revolution within a time of 1 minute is considered a tourbillon. audemars piguet replica watches chose to use a faceted diamond pointer instead of a single hand, as is often the case.Rolex Replica Watches This was achieved in congress using a revealed skeleton movement and very nice moon phase display (which will be described thoroughly). The curved central hour-minute hands reveal their true colors when they overlap, as they form the shape a heart.

The Moon with the Exact Cartographic engravings Glows in Night audemars piguet replica watches Dimier Reital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra Watch complements the tourbillon complications with a high-precision indication for the stages of the moon (similarly to Graham Geo.Graham's The Moon that we recently reviewed). The brand's designers decided to create a moon complication that would appear as real as possible (as is the case with many of their recent models, such as Linde Werdelin OKtopus II Moon). The Moon was engraved by the Swiss watchmaker with exact cartography from the Earth's satellite. It was made of a mirror-polished plate of steel. To replicate the glow of the real Moon, hollowed sections were treated with luminous matter. Blue nickel silver plates with PVD treatment are used to engrave the background, or sky, around the real moon disc.audemars piguet replica watches This creates the illusion of a star-Studded sky. Two discs are used to indicate the moon without the traditional crescent-shaped aperture. They have the same finishing as the sky. These pallets show the current stage of moon and cover it. audemars piguet replica watches designed a regulator inside the cabochon sapphire crown that adjusts the function and allows the wearer, without professional assistance, to make it more useful. A subtle power reserve indicator is the final touch to the face of the timekeeper, located just above the real moon.

Red or White Gold Casing The Recital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra watch comes with a black, hand-stitched alligator skin strap and a gold ardillon clasp.

This watch, like all pieces in the Dimier 1787 Manufacture Series by audemars piguet replica watches is also limited edition. The watch is available in two versions: a red and white gold version. Each edition was limited to 50 copies. The attachments' buckles match the material of the watches, it is obvious. The basic water resistance is 30 meters.

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