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Braille Digital Watch Concept from rolex replica watches - A Timepiece Designed for the Blind

Although there are products available that can be used by blind people,Roger Dubuis Replica their technological solutions are not perfect and their functionality is questionable.

This segment of the population has two options today.rolex fake watches Analog watches are the first, which allow their wearers to remove crystals and tell the time by feeling the position the hands. Digital watches that feature a recorded voice and can be activated by pressing the pushpiece are the second option.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.Rolex Submariner Replica While the first can be difficult to determine and tell the exact time, the second can draw a lot of attention.

rolex replica watches, a San Francisco-based business, and David Sanchez,rolex replica watches its designer, created a unique concept watch to make it easy for blind people. This wristwatch is unique because it displays the time using Braille alphabet.

The company does not have the funds to begin producing it. It is hoped that the company will be able to attract sufficient funding and interest to begin manufacturing the product, which will help those with impaired vision.

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