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A journey to discover stories, wonders and flavours

Ca’ Pavaglione Country House​



Explore the most authentic Langa, where the peasant traditions narrated in the Pavese and Fenoglio’s novels still survive and are handed down from generation to generation.


Let yourself be enchanted by the unique in the world, wonderful views and splendid natural landscape that our territory can offer.


Delight your palate with the excellence of the area: tasty traditional dishes accompanied by the famous wines of Langhe, in a warm and familiar atmosphere.



Ca’ Pavaglione offers you 3 routes, which will lead you through the hidden pearls of Alta Langa.

His Majesty the Hazelnut:
the “Tonda Gentile” of Langhe

His Majesty the Hazelnut: the “Tonda Gentile” of Langhe


Would you like to discover the sweet, delicate and enchanting flavour of Tonda Gentile hazelnut from Langhe?


A sensorial journey that starts from Cortemilia, the capital of the Tonda Gentile Hazelnut, and continues through the hazelnut groves of the Bormida valley, along the suggestive Hazelnut Path, up to Cravanzana.


Halfway, Bergolo, the stone town, is worth a detour. An ancient village entirely built in sandstone where Cavea, the stone amphitheatre, stands out on the hills of wind. A wonderful and evocative place, both for the extraordinary architecture and for the breathtaking view which will remain imprinted in your heart.

Langhe of Barbaresco,
an itinerary among the most beautiful villages

If you are a fan of great wines and love good food, don’t limit yourself to the celebrated Langa of Barolo. There is another pearl to discover, equally fascinating and full of food and wine experience: the Barbaresco Langa.


The first stop is Barbaresco, with its imposing tower and its fine wines, accompanied by delicious traditional dishes.


Then you will get lost among the narrow alleys and picturesque stone houses of Neive. One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, perched on top of the hill, along the Dolcetto and Barbera path.


The journey ends in Treiso: its square is a real terrace on the hills, from which you can admire a unique, wonderful and evocative landscape.

Tuma of Langhe,
the traditional cheese

Not just truffles, wine and hazelnuts: Langhe is also a land of renowned cheeses.


Like Tuma Cheese, the gastronomic treasure of Alta Langa. A world of flavours and aromas, of ancient gestures and artisan traditions, handed down from generation to generation.


The journey to discover its secrets will take you from the Alta Langa to the Asti Langa, through the enchanting landscapes of Murazzano, Bossolasco e Roccaverano.


Small villages immersed in the woods that smell od hazelnuts, where you can savour the exceptional taste of the traditional Tuma from Langhe, walking through the characteristic alleys.

And this is only a small part of the wonders you can admire and savour in Alta Langa!


Just small detours will be enough to be dazzled by the beauty of the lavender fields in bloom in Sale San Giovanni, by the majesty of Prunetto castle or to be able to taste a good glass of Alta Langa wine, the excellence of Piedmontese bubbles.


If you would like suggestions or recommendations, we will be happy to help you plan your perfect itinerary. Do not hesitate to contact us!